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Waste water treatment system

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Waste water treatment system, capacity 200 m3/day and night

Function: Treatment system for all kinds of wastewater arising from the treatment of industrial solid waste, hazardous solid waste, leachate treatment, acidic wastewater, alkaline wastewater, oily wastewater , metal-contaminated wastewater, wastewater with high suspended matter, sludge, other types of wastewater...




Process explanation:

Wastewater collected from factories is transported by special vehicles and stored in storage tanks.

Wastewater storage tanks are separated from 05 main wastewater sources: , acidic wastewater, basic wastewater, oily wastewater, metal contaminated wastewater, wastewater with high suspended matter composition, sludge, and other wastewater. Other waste...




The technology of the wastewater and liquid waste treatment system of the project is designed through 4 main treatment stages including:

  • Mechanical method: Phase separation, sedimentation
  • Chemical method: Neutralization, flocculation, precipitation, sterilization.
  • Biological treatment method: anaerobic biological filter tank, aerobic biological filter tank.
  • Advanced chemical treatment method




According to the characteristics of each type of wastewater, it is possible to apply separate treatment technology processes or combine types together (after preliminary treatment).Waste sludge generated from the treatment process is sent to the sludge press, the sludge after pressing is mixed and put into the factory's hazardous waste incinerator or cocooned. The ash after combustion is stabilized and solidified.

Wastewater after being treated to meet the Technical Regulations on Industrial Wastewater of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will be recycled and reused in the circulating cooling system of the incinerator and for car washing and packaging cleaning. drums, watering plants…


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