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Aluminum recycling system

Thứ năm, 13/09/2018, 13:39 GMT+7

- Capacity: 20 tons/day.

- Functions: cooking, refining to retrieve aluminum materials.




Treatment process:

Aluminum scraps, aluminum slag obtained from waste classification and other sources are concentrated pounded to reduce volume and the dirty slags are washed out. They will then be loaded into the furnace to produce molten aluminum.

The molten aluminum after removal of the floating impurities and aluminum vapors will be poured into formers for aluminum bars serving for other metal manufacturing factories.

During operation, aluminum and aluminum slag furnace generates dust and exhaust fumes. Dust and exhaust fumes will be collected by suction placed above the aluminum and aluminum slag furnace. Exhaust fumes will be discharged into the environment reaching QCVN.

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