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Fluorescent lamp treatment system

Thứ sáu, 10/08/2018, 16:16 GMT+7

Capacity: 0.16 ton/day.

Functions: thorough treatment of fluorescent lamp (neon lamp) discharged in a closed process to ensure that no mercury vapor is dispersed into the environment.

Treatable wastes: lamps of all kinds.




Processing process:

    Fluorescent lamps are fed into the dam and suction assembly (the centrifugal pulsator motor smashes the bulb into small pieces). Dust and vapors from the lamp cutting process are treated with a cloth bag dust filter system and an activated carbon adsorption system. Efficiency removal of dust, mercury vapor reaches 99.99%. The lamps cutting process is a closed process, minimizing the release of pollutants into the environment.

   Bulb crushing products include: 2 aluminum heads, 3 -  5 mm glass debris and fluorescent powder. This mixture is fed to the bulb component separator by a conveyor system.

The dust and mercury vapor generated after the bulb grinding process is attracted by the fan to the treatment system, which is the absorption tower. The dust components after being recovered in the filter stage of cloth bags and mercury sulfide (HgS) will finally be collected and transferred to the curing system for treatment after being safely buried.


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