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Vision, mission


  • Vision: To become a typical unit in the environmental treatment industry in Vietnam. Always pioneer in researching, researching and applying new and advanced technologies in waste treatment.


  • Mission: With the principle of taking prestige first, pioneering the use of new and advanced technologies in waste treatment. Quy Tien is committed to providing customers and partners with the most optimal waste treatment method with the highest economic efficiency. Contributing to building and protecting Vietnam's green, clean and sustainable environment.



ü Conscientious:

Is the basic foundation in all activities of production and business of Quy Tien. With the mind of a waste treatment professional, Quy Tien always upholds the spirit of respecting the law, building and maintaining professional ethics in all production and business activities of the Company.

ü Intelligence:

Quy Tien always considers employees as the most valuable asset. From there, build a professional and friendly working environment. Arousing passion for research, creativity and dedication. Always proactively improving, boldly applying scientific and technical advances to management and production activities.

ü Prestige:

The trust of customers and partners is vital to Quy Tien. Therefore, Quy Tien constantly strives to build and improve the word "Prestige" in the hearts of customers and partners, starting from building and improving technological equipment capacity to improving the quality of environmental services. school.