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Rinsing packaging, drums system

Thứ năm, 09/08/2018, 15:48 GMT+7

Capacity: 05 tons/day.


Functions: pressure rinsing system to rinse all types of waste sticky on the container before re-use of the clean tank.


Treatable wastes: all types of packaging, irons tanks, plastic tanks, containers.





Processing process:

Drums with waste and hazardous waste are transported to the factory and arranged in a covered warehouse. The bins are sealed open to put the straw in to suck up excess chemicals/solvents then they are manually sorted before being stored for processing. The chemical residues collected after suction are thoroughly collected and then transferred to the liquid waste treatment system for treatment.

Solvent residues after suction together with the amount of solvent generated in the process of rinsing packages and drums at the next stages will be thoroughly collected and classified according to different types based on material properties. their physical and chemical properties and stored in hazardous waste containers. The resulting chemicals will be sorted, reused or burned in an existing incinerator.




During the operation of the drum washing system, a certain amount of solvent vapor is generated. This generated solvent vapor will be treated as follows:

Solvent vapors will be collected by means of a suction hood placed above each drum rinser. The solvent vapor will be forced by the exhaust fan in the closed gas pipeline into the absorption tower (air washing tower). In the absorption tower, the gas stream containing the solvent vapor moves from the bottom to the top and the water will be sprayed in the form of mist (2 levels) convection with the gas stream to thoroughly absorb the remaining small dust and solvent vapors. Water is used recirculating. After being treated, the exhaust gas will be released into the environment by a 10m high chimney.

The exhaust gas of the drum rinsing treatment system after treatment meets QCVN standards of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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