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Electronic spare parts treatment system

Thứ sáu, 10/08/2018, 15:51 GMT+7

Capacity: 02 tons/day.

Functions: treatment, retrieve of some precious metals in electronic waste.

Treatable wastes: (civil, household and industrial) electronic equipment, electronic spare parts of all kinds, electronic circuit boards, etc.



Processing process:


    Waste electronic components including printers, mobile phones, computers, copiers, fax machines, irons or damaged or defective parts/parts thereof… contain recyclable components. as well as hazardous components such as computer monitors, televisions, etc.

   The main activities of the treatment system are electrical and electronic waste recovery, dismantling and sorting operations. Recyclable components such as plastics and metals are separated as raw materials for recycling. Non-recyclable parts of electronic components (die parts of electronic circuit boards) are treated by incineration. All kinds of screens, insulating glass, insulating cotton, printing ink, etc., which cannot be processed by combustion, are treated by solidification. Larger wastes will be crushed before solidification.




     After separating the components in the electronic device, the electronic components will be crushed, the generated dust will be collected by a cloth bag dust filter system, the glass part, the circuit board will be solidified and put into the air. In the landfill, the plastic shell after crushing can be recovered to serve the production of recycled plastic.


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